A social enterprise is a business that, rather than just focused on making money, tries to address a social problem. 

It has a double bottom line — to be financially sustainable and to have a measurable impact on a societal issues such as poverty, health and the environment.

From 2019 until his passing in 2022, Rupert Scofield explored the challenges of starting, building and running a social enterprise. Guests include other social entrepreneurs and impact investors who share their insights and experience.


Episode 13: Special Interview – Percy Barnevik (33:16)

On this special episode of the Social Enterprise Podcast, Rupert is joined by businessman and philanthropist Percy Barnevik. After a successful career in business – chairing companies including ABB, Sandvik, Skanska, Investor AB, and AstraZeneca – Percy founded non-profit organisation Hand in Hand International, inspired to help street children in India. Active in 10 countries, the organisation provides grassroots entrepreneurs in some of the poorest places in the world with the skills to start their own businesses. Percy reveals his motivations, some of the challenges, and how business informed his approach to charity.

Episode 12: The Changing Role of Philanthropy (36:54)

Atul Pathak, Managing Director of Appt Corporation; Richard Ross, chairman of Regentsmead and the Rosetrees Trust, and Cosmina Popa, CEO of the Rainmakers Foundation, join Rupert Scofield to discuss philanthropy. This episode: How can businesses make a positive impact in their community? Are philanthropists now looking for different ways to give back, such as impact investment? Where does this leave ‘traditional’ philanthropy?

Episode 11: More businesses go social, whitewashing, & attracting top talent (36:34)

Katie Hill, Executive Director of B Lab UK, and Andrea Warriner, Head of Developing Talent at the Skoll Centre, join Rupert Scofield to discuss the latest trends in social enterprise. This episode: In the future, will all businesses go social? Is there a risk that some large corporations are merely ‘whitewashing’ their activities to make them appear social rather than adopting truly ethical practices? And, will the next generation of top graduates work for companies they do not believe are making a positive impact on the world?

About Rupert

Rupert Scofield is a Co-founder of FINCA International and served as its President and CEO from 1994 until his passing in 2022. FINCA International itself is the founder and majority owner of a network community-based microfinance institutions and banks across Africa, Eurasia, Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia.

Rupert’s passing on November 27, 2022 was a monumental loss to FINCA and the global community that he dedicated his life to serving. You can read more about Rupert and his final call-to-action here.